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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)
New to C&C ShockWave? No worries, get your questions answered here:
What is C&C ShockWave?
C&C ShockWave is a mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, expanding on the style and play of the game instead of creating a new one, like a second expansion.
Do I need Zero Hour to play C&C ShockWave?
Yes, with only the original/vanilla Generals you cannot play C&C ShockWave.
Will you add the M1A2 Abrams and AH-64 Apache in the mod?
You have 10 seconds to leave before the hounds get to you.
Can I play this mod on-line?
Yes. But you need to find other players who also have ShockWave to play with. There are a lot of People who play ShockWave on-line you can find them in the Mod Maps section in Generals On-line. You can also contact people on the forum to arrange online games.
Can I Play Zero hour without Removing ShockWave?
Yes, ShockWave comes along with a launcher which allows you to switch between Zero hour and ShockWave so you enjoy both at the Same time.
The last version of ShockWave wasn't compatible with Windows Vista is Version 0.95 compatible with Vista?
Yes the new launcher was tested and confirmed to be working with vista.
Can I Promote Your Mod on my Website?
Yes and we will be happy if you do so.
Can I Suggest Some ideas for the Mod?
We are no longer accepting ideas for the mod as ShockWave has matured to the point in development where there is little room that they can fit in.
Can I use the assets from ShockWave for my own mod?
You need to ask us what you want to use you can contact us via a pm or mail details can be found in our profiles on the staff page of this site or the forum
Do I have to Pay For it?
No, Its completely free for download. But you will need to have C&C Generals and C&C Generals: Zero Hour for the mod to work.
How can I join the team?
Drop us a line in a pm or mail showing some of your work and tell us why you'd like to help this mod.
I am Getting Serious Errors and my Game crashs after Installing ShockWave?
This mostly happens on Zero hour on which other mods have been installed previously. The only solution is to delete the Zero Hour directory usually located in C:\Program Files\EA Games Then reinstall Zero hour, Patch it to 1.04 and then install ShockWave. If you have any further technical issues feel free to contact us at the support forum.
What Version of Zero hour does the Mod Work on?
ShockWave needs the Zero hour updated to at least version 1.02. It is recommanded that Zero Hour is updated to 1.04.
When will the next release be finished?
A few days before we put it up for download.
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